Hair Replacement

Have you heard of the system of non-surgical hair replacement? Some people who have not, may ask what it is about, but people who are concerned about their own hair loss may know what we are talking about. Today, we are going to help you understand better what non-surgical hair replacement is all about by answering questions about this subject.

What is Non-Surgical Hair Replacement?

As the name suggests, it means that you can regain your lost hair, without the need for a hair transplant. As a result, anyone that has a problems of baldness can take the help of a hair replacement system.

When you compare this system with the hair transplant surgery, it is a system that is cheaper and safer. Surgery is not the right treatment as not everybody can undergo surgery. People with sensitive skin are not recommended to have such operations. Surgery also does not guarantee the restoration of your hair, and there is always a risk of failure.

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When the operation fails, it will leave scars on the scalp and lead to other side effects. There are other solutions for restoring hair, like eating food and supplements that are specified. The loss of hair is often linked to individual circumstances. At some stage of life, all of us will lose some hair, regardless of what causes it.

Hair loss is a common problems and can lead to the weakening of one’s confidence. This is because hair is an important part of our appearance. Your impression of people can be affected by the different hairstyles they sport. This is the reason that baldness, for some people, needs to be covered up through the use of the non-surgical hair replacement systems that have been developed.

There was a time, when people used to wear wigs. At this time, it was not because they had lost hair. In the present day this can solve the hair loss problems that people have, and can often, if needed, serve as a disguise. You can consider a hair system as a sort of wig, but there are many differences.

You cannot use the hair replacement system to disguise yourself. It only covers the top of your head. The appearance of this hair will be more natural than wigs. It is easy to find wigs that are pink or white, but it is difficult to use a wig on a bald head.

Wigs cover the entire head, and any hair replacement system that you use must be one that matches the rest of the hair that you have. Hair replacement systems are made from real human hair, while most wigs contain synthetic hair. This system will have two parts, one being the hair base, and the other the hair. The type of hair replacement will be defined by its base. So, if its made of silk, the hair unit is called a silk hair system.

Application of a Non-Surgical Hair Replacement System

Toupee tape, or an adhesive is necessary if you want to wear these products. Wigs and hair pieces are clamped to the body, but a hair systems and mens weaves is stuck to your head so that it will not fall off. Some liquid adhesives bond very strongly with the scalp. As a result, even if you wear it the whole day and tend to sweat a lot, it will still remain adhered to your scalp.

Apply a skin protection layer before application of the hair system. You may find toupee tape much easier to use. The first time you wear a hair system get it styled by your hairdresser or a professional stylist. Once you have learnt how to do so, you can do it yourself.

Non-surgical hair replacements give you a natural look. You never have to worry about its not looking real, as it is made of actual human hair. Choose the right one that blends with your original hair. It can cost you less to buy a hair replacement system then to get the needed surgery.

Maintaining the hair system is something you will have to do. This is not something great, as we are already used to maintaining our own hair. Your hair replacement system will remain in good shape and shiny, with proper attention to its maintenance.

Summing Up

This is our introduction to “What is non-surgical hair replacement”. We have compared hair transplants, wigs, and hair replacement systems, so that you can clearly understand solutions for non-surgical hair replacement, So, if you are worried about hair loss, consider using this hair system.